Open Source Technology

Open Source Software and Open Standards technology can provide organisations like yours with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to proprietary software.

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Key factors

Stability, interoperability and flexibility are the key factors that make Open Source-based distributions an increasingly popular choice in the IT departments of both the private and public sectors. With no risk of vendor lock-in, your IT environment is free to evolve with your organisation, giving you the choice of when and how you add to, change and develop it. Open Source also means no license costs, easier integration and customisation, as well as compliance with open architectures and data standards.

Application Ready Infrastructure

LinuxIT understands that organisations rarely introduce business applications based on the platform they run on. Rather, they select applications based on business requirements. LinuxIT can recommend the right infrastructure to run those applications on efficiently.

Due to its superior performance and cost attributes, Enterprise Linux is fast replacing UNIX in becoming the operating system of choice for both the private and public sectors. To realise its full potential and unlock the myriad of benefits that Open Source has to offer, it is necessary for a Linux-based platform to be introduced via a strategically planned approach.

Application Ready Infrastructure (ARI) is LinuxIT's systematic and proven approach to delivering a Linux infrastructure optimised for your business applications. Using reference architectures developed over 13 years of working with clients and partners, LinuxIT is able to help ensure your applications operate as efficiently, effectively and securely as possible.

The competitive advantage

LinuxIT's Open Source Software technology offering is tailored to meet the demands of today's organisational requirements. We understand that now, more than ever, there is a fundamental need to achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, and this is possible through the mission critical system capability, reliability, scalability and security that Open Source Software and Open Standards offer.

Solutions suited to your organisation

We have carefully selected a range of proven and economically beneficial Open Source Software technology solutions that match proprietary Enterprise Software for function and capability. We also bring the added value of our experience and unrivalled expertise in the Linux and Open Standards fields, so you have the confidence that we will provide a solution suited to your organisation and the goals you have set out.

We also advise on and supply effective hardware solutions.

Our key technology partners include:

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