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How to sell your IT strategy? Don’t bore the board!

How to sell your IT strategy  Don’t bore the board!

Selling your IT strategy at board level is a great opportunity to make your mark, but your vision is unlikely to make the desired impact if your pitch is full of tech talk. Use plain English, focus on the business case of your strategy, and see the return.


A Cloud over SysAdmin: Is Mode 2 Technology Killing the System Administrator?

A Cloud over SysAdmin

The SysAdmin role is changing, but is it dead yet? Learn why SysAdmins would benefit from welcoming change and expanding their tools and skillset around cloud-based technologies to ensure their survival.

UNIX vs Linux: A Guide to the Five Migration Issues – and How to Avoid Them

Unix vs Linux a guide to the five migration issues 01

Thinking of migrating from UNIX to Linux? Think it’s a headache? Think again. Your transition will be pain-free if you follow our guide to the five main pitfalls – and our expert’s advice on how to avoid them.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Bimodal IT

3 reasons why your business needs bimodal IT 01

By Ben Tannahill, external communications executive, Claranet

Stable resilience and quick-fire experimentation come hand-in-hand with a bimodal IT approach. Discover how experimenting within a stable environment can ensure your business is set for success. This is why you must consider bimodal IT...

Modal Management - Ensuring Success with the Differing Modal Approaches to Project Management

Modal Management   Ensuring success with the differing modal approaches to project management  01

By James Byrne, Senior Engineer at LinuxIT

Will the Next Big Thing Enable your Move to bi-modal IT?

How to assess if on premise Linux is the best system for your business

While bimodal IT is great, you shouldn’t go for it simply because it’s the next big thing. Before deciding if a bimodal approach is right for you, read our seven key considerations in this slideshare presentation.

Digital Toolkit: Your box of tricks to take you from Mode 1 to Mode 2 IT


Business are under pressure to become more digitally connected and agile, so they can reconfigure their IT according to demand at speed.

All Together Now - Six Reasons Why You Need a Single Cloud Services Provider

Six Reasons Why You Need a Single Cloud Services Provider 01 (1)

Guest blog: Richard Moore, Head of Marketing - Claranet

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Home Sweet Home? - How to Assess if on Premise Linux is the Best System for Your Business

describe the image

Organisations which opt to keep their IT on-premise do so because they need a firm grip on security, reliability, and cost control.

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Why Go Public? - How to Assess If a Linux Based Public Cloud Is Best for Your Business


In the last installment we looked at the reasons why businesses may choose a Linux based private cloud environment. This time: why go public?

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