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Home Sweet Home? - How to Assess if on Premise Linux is the Best System for Your Business

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Organisations which opt to keep their IT on-premise do so because they need a firm grip on security, reliability, and cost control.

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Why Go Public? - How to Assess If a Linux Based Public Cloud Is Best for Your Business


In the last installment we looked at the reasons why businesses may choose a Linux based private cloud environment. This time: why go public?


Our Own Private Cloud - How to Assess If a Private Cloud Built on Linux Is Best for Your Business

Our own private cloud

Your business has decided to move into the cloud, but which system should you choose? In the first of a three-part series we look at the benefits of building your own private system.


More for Less: How the Open Source Software Revolution Can Mitigate Unnecessary Expenditure

Management of IT Strategy Costs 01

The board may be reluctant to move away from a big, branded, closed source solution. But the fact is, Open Source Software can now do the same for less.

Winning over the Business: How to Demonstrate the Value of Your IT Strategy to Gain Buy-in Across the Organisation

Winning over the business

Discover how to establish the value of your IT strategy, gaining buy-in across the organisation


Sales Pitch - How to sell your IT strategy to the board [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sales Pitch - How to sell your IT strategy to the board

Selling your future IT Strategy to the board is a great opportunity to make your mark, but your vision is unlikely to gain traction if your sales pitch relies on pure tech speak.

Managed Service Providers VS Partners: The new way to align your IT and business strategies

Managed Service Providers v Partners

How working in closer partnership with your Managed Service Provider can help you to align IT strategy to business priorities.

Best Practice Cloud Security: Is Your Cloud Secure Inside and out?

Best Practice Cloud Security (1)

Learn to use the Cloud security principles to reassure your customers.

eCommerce Security: How to Control User Access to Your Environment

eCommerce security   how to control user access to your environment 01

eCommerce security risks are ever increasing; the costs of breach is more than just about lost sales, so find out how to protect your brand’s reputation.

Migrate from Proprietary Software to Linux to Create Cost Savings

Why migrating from proprietary software to Linux is cutting costs for eCommerce 01

Discover how Linux migrations cut eCommerce costs

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