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Cloud Security Principles: Is Your Cloud Secure from Inside out?

Article Image Cloud security principles

Using a managed services provider leaves your organisation free to concentrate on its core business whilst the experts ensure that Cloud security principles are being adhered to.

Is the Sysadmin Dead? Linux Systems Administration and Management in the Age of the Cloud

Article Image Is the SysAdmin Dead (3)

Discover why systems administration teams are feeling threatened by the breakdown between developers and operations.

What Exactly Is the Operations in DevOps?

Article Image Does DevOps mean no ops

Having developers and operations working closely together in pursuit of shared goals is obvious, but how do you make it work?

How to Build an Open Hybrid Cloud to Maximise the Advantages for Your Organisation

Article Image How to build an open hybrid Cloud

Open hybrid Cloud computing has real advantages for many organisations; we explain how to become Cloud-enabled.

How the Public Sector is Harnessing Drupal to Save Money and Secure the Future of its Digital Infrastructure

Article Image Open Source Software

Find out how the public sector is harnessing Drupal to save money and secure the future of its digital infrastructure

Frankensystem! How to Breathe Life into Your Linux Infrastructure


Too many organisations struggle along with badly stitched together Linux infrastructures. It needn’t be that way.

The Linux IT Live Debate

Linux IT live debate

Knowing about Linux is one thing, but understanding how to maximise the return on your investment in Linux, enhancing your overall performance and competitiveness is another. Which is why we will be hosting a Live Debate on Tuesday 28th of October at 12.00pm - 13:30pm GMT

Moving to a Cloud: What Workloads Should I Move to a Cloud Environment?


A brief look at different workloads with best practice advice on which are suited to a business Cloud storage environment and which should remain on-premise.

Data Storage Strategy: 10 Things CIOs/CTOs Need to Consider

Article image   Data storage strategy 7 things CIOs CTOs need to consider

Our guide to the seven key things the C-suite needs to think about when matching their organisation’s data to a storage solution.

How Is Your Storage Capacity Managed – SAN, etc, etc. [POLL]

LinuxIT Poll

Recently, we are becoming more aware that SAN storage is placing increasing pressure on IT infrastructures. We’ve decided to find out how your storage capacity is managed. Tell us now!

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