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Which Is the Best Mobile Phone Operating System? [POLL]

LinuxIT Poll

We’re conducting a poll to find out which is the best mobile phone operating system out there. Vote now!

Top Ten OSS Products Cutting out Costs and Making a Difference in the Public Sector

Image  Top ten OSS products cutting out costs and making a difference in the public sector

Linux and OSS products can save valuable resources for your organisation – we look at the top products that make a real difference in business.

Black box, white box and embedded testing… our view

Article   Black box white box and embedded testing our view

Open Source is taking over the world, but are Open Source projects the right fit for your business?

Best Practice Linux Guide: Data Security

Linux Data Security

In this era of ‘big data' Linux data security is of paramount importance. Here are best practice tips to make sure your data is secure by design.


How Much Do You Suffer Downtime? [POLL]

LinuxIT Poll

So we’ve decided to conduct a poll to find out more about how much downtime organisations are suffering. Vote now!

Big Data: Is Your Infrastructure Ready?

Article Big Data is your infrastructure ready

A partnership with a Linux specialist can facilitate customers scaling up IT infrastructure to cope with big data both now and into the future.

Best Practice Approach: Where Should You Host Your E-commerce Website?

Article Best practice approach where should you host your e commerce website

Commerce has moved online, but which hosting option will minimise outages and support your e-commerce business?

InterWorx: The Linux Foundation Releases Its Annual Review Of Kernel Development

Guest Post   Linux Kernel 3

The Linux Foundation’s report on kernel development makes for fascinating reading for Linux enthusiasts and Linux users in the hosting industry.

Open Source in the Third Sector - What You Must Know

Uberflip   Open Source in the third sector – what you must know

Third-sector organisations are traditionally cautious about making changes to infrastructure, but upgrading to Open Source Software can bring important benefits while reducing overall IT costs.  

Which Linux Monitoring Tool Do You Favour? [POLL]

LinuxIT Poll

In our ‘Best practice Linux guide: monitoring tools’ we’ve compared the main Linux monitoring tools - but which do you favour? Vote now!

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